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Kindergarten Registration
Posted On:
Monday, June 05, 2017
Last Chance to Register Before School Starts!

Kindergarten Registrations will be held on:

Tuesday July 18th

from 9 am - 1 pm


Please see the information below for the required documents.


Any student entering the Mobile County Public School System, regardless of grade level, must first be enrolled. The parent/ guardian is to submit the following:

❖ Parent/legal guardian photo ID: Driver  license  or non-driver  license  or  other  photo ID.

❖ Student’s Social Security Card: The district requests Social Security Numbers, however,  disclosure  of  Social  Security  Numbers (SSN)  is  voluntary  only.  SSN’s  are  used  by  the district for the limited purpose of properly identifying students for record-keeping and transcripts, and are kept confidential. The lack of or refusal to provide a SSN will have no impact on the district’s enrollment decision.     Students  who  enroll  without  a  Social Security   Number   will   be   assigned   an   alternate identification number.

❖ Student’s Certified Birth Certificate. The  district  request  birth  certificates  to  verify  that students  fall  within  a  minimum  age  requirement. However,  the  school  district  will  not  bar  students from  enrolling  because      they  have  a  foreign  birth certificate or present no birth certificate at all.   In those instances the school district will allow for the presentation  of  alternative  documentation  to  prove age.

❖ Certificate of Immunization An  immunization  certificate  is  required  for  ev ery student  enrolled  in  Alabama  public  schools.  Only Alabama  issued  immunization  certificates  are  ac- ceptable. A new enrollee

from another public school in Alabama will be condi- tionally enrolled pending  receipt  of  school  records containing the students immunization certificate.  An immunization certificate is required upon enrollm ent for the following:

•  Any child entering kindergarten or first grade who has not previously attended  school. •  Any  new  enrollee  transferring  from  outside  the State of Alabama. • Any  new  enrollee  transferring  from  a  private school.  If no immunization certificate is presented at  the  time  of  enrollment,  all  other  registration materials  should  be  completed  and  the  parent/ guardian should be directed to the Mobile County Health Department where a temporary IMM 49 may  be  obtained  before  the  child  may  attend school. •  If a student transfers out of the system, the parent/ guardian  should  be  given  the  student’s  original immunization  certificate.      A  copy  is  made  and placed in the student’s  folder.

• When the IMM 50 is filed in the student’s perma- nent record folder, it should be duly noted on the Cumulative School Health Record.


If the parent/guarding can not provide the above documents assistance will be given through stu- dent support services, but child must be enrolled.



❖ Proofs of Residence Two proofs of residence are required each time a student enters  a  school  for  the first time,  or  each time  he/she changes  his/her  address,  new  proofs  of  residence  are required.

Required: One (1) proof that reflects physical residence. Property Tax Records or Deeds ▪  Tax receipt record, deed, homeowners insurance policy, mortgage statement Apartment or House Lease Apartment or house rent receipt / Apartment or house  lease, renters insurance policy, or housing agreement

All dollar amounts are to be concealed If you do not have any of the above requirement for physical residence, you will need the second party residence document from central office.

Required: One (1) proof from the following: Utility Bills or Utility Deposit Receipts Water/Gas/Telephone/Electric/Cable/Garbage

Income Tax Records from IRS to the Parent/Guardian ▪  Copy of check/correspondence from IRS.

Other Official Proofs Check  or  correspondence  from  the  Social  Security  Office, Department of Human Resources (DHR), Food Stamp Office or Temporary Assistance to Needy Families  (TANF).

Bank Records ▪  Checking/Savings/Loan statement ▪  Investment certificate

Employment Records ▪  Company check/Verification from employer

Two (2) Credit Card Accounts (counts as one proof) ▪ Any two (2) major credit card account statements

All dollar amounts are to be concealed

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