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State Report Card - Letter to Parents
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Thursday, February 01, 2018

State Report Card - Letter to Parents

Dear Parents,


Today, the Alabama Department of Education issued A-F Report Cards on all of its schools. Wilmer Elementary received a 67 D.


As you know and as the Alabama Department of Education acknowledged during the release, you cannot judge everything that is taking place at our school on one letter grade.


Ninety-percent of our Report Card grade was based on last spring’s scores on the ACT Aspire which was administered to grades 3-5. The state has quit administering the ACT Aspire because it did not align with the Alabama Course of Study. In other words, the test questions did not align with what we were expected to teach in the classroom. Yet, this is the test that was used to assign our school a letter grade. The other 10 percent is chronic absenteeism, which means that even excused absences for students who were sick or who needed to be out for medical reasons counted against us (Pre-K-5th grades).


If you notice, the Report Card says “Prototype,” because it has not yet been approved by the U.S. Department of Education as an adequate measure of our schools.


We are using data from the Report Card to identify strengths and weaknesses and as part of our School Improvement Plan.  In an effort to address our weaknesses, we have developed a schoolwide improvement plan which includes 30-60-90 day plans addressing Literacy, Math and Attendance goals.


As you know, we have many great programs and successes at Wilmer Elementary.


Notable Achievements

·         Growth in DIBELS (Reading Readiness) and Scantron (Reading & Math) assessments from Fall 2017 to Winter 2017

·         Multiple grant awards- Donor’s Choose, Dollar General Literacy, Alabama Power (APSO award)

·         National Honor Student Council Award

·         Torchbearer School

·         National Distinguished Title I School


Parental and Community Outreach

·         Facebook, Wilmer App, Newsletters, Remind 101, School website, daily live broadcasts via school website, home visits

·         Book fair family events, Parenting Day, K-4 Story Time, Quarterly honors parade

·         Community food drive, Community resources, Partners in Education, PTO



·         Proactive schoolwide incentive plan

·         Quarterly and semester awards

·         Parental outreach via phone, letters, and home visits



·         Active Student Council program

·         Wilmer P.A.L.s (Peers As Leaders)

·         National Elementary Honor Society

·         Live Broadcast Team

·         Safety Patrol


·         Digital Literacy implementation

·         Two computer labs for student/teacher use

·         Fixed technology access in the classroom

·         Mobile iPad lab

·         Ebooks


You can help us raise our Report Card grade next year by letting your children know that they need to do their best on the standardized tests; by having your children in school every day that they are not sick; by volunteering at school and by asking your children regularly about what they are learning; and by making sure your children are doing their homework and putting in an effort every day in class.


If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.



                                                                                        Timothy Dollar, Principal


                                                                                       Wilmer Elementary School


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